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Early analysis of new technologies Technical data & scatter bands Vehicle & powertrain experts Conventional, hybrid & electric powertrains ADAS, AD & HMI Global footprint Wide range of test facilities Cost engineering Innovative methods & tools

Insights into our Vehicle Benchmarking

Latest Benchmark Programs

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Comprehensive Benchmarking Study:
Level-1 Benchmark
Energy Consumption
Control Strategy
Drivetrain Efficiency
Charging Performance
Thermal Management
NVH Performance
Design Benchmark
Cost Benchmark
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Comprehensive Benchmarking Study:
Vehicle Performance Testing
Emission Cycles
Hybrid Strategy Analysis
ICE Analysis on Engine Testbench
Design Benchmark ICE, HV Battery, Electric Hybrid System
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Toyota Mirai 2

Toyota Mirai 2 Complete Study

Different Benchmark Packages available:
Level-1 Benchmark
Vehicle Operations & Consumption
Fuel Cell System Evaluation
Teardown & Design Study
Cost Analysis
NVH Benchmark
Powertrain Thermal Management
Compressor Analysis & Mapping
Fuel Cell Stack Investigation
and more...
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VW ID.3 Complete Study

Different Benchmark Packages available:
Level-1 Benchmark
ADAS Functions
Drivetrain & E/E
Vehicle Dynamics & Acoustics
Tear Down & Design Study
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Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Full program including:
Level-1 Benchmark
NVH & Acoustics
Propulsion System & E/E
Tear Down & Design Study
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Hyundai Nexo

Comprehensive Benchmarking Study:
Vehicle Testing
Fuel Cell System Testing
Noise Vibration Harshness
Tear Down & Cost Analysis
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Latest Benchmark Programs

FEV brings more than 25 years of benchmarking experience with deep knowhow in vehicle, powertrain and ADAS/AD technologies

FEV comprehensive benchmarking services include

Performance Benchmarking
Performance Benchmarking
Design Benchmarking
Design Benchmarking
Cost Benchmarking
Cost Benchmarking
Benchmark Academy
Benchmark Academy
Benchmark Database
Benchmark Database

Performance Benchmarking:

Operating Strategy & Performance Efficiency & Emissions Vehicle Dynamics Noise, Vibration & Harshness Detailed System & Component Testing ADAS, Autonomous Driving, HMI

Design Benchmarking:

Hardware Research & Procurement Vehicles, Systems & Components Professional Pictures & Videos Bill of Material with Key Data Technical Component Analysis 3D Scanning, X-Ray & Virtual Reality

Cost Benchmarking:

Material & Manufacturing Analysis Should Cost Analysis Functional Cost Analysis Cost Breakdown & Comparison Design to Cost Ideas Cost Reduction Workshops

Benchmark Academy:

Driving & Technology Events Teardown Workshops Hardware Exhibitions Technical & Costing Expert Advisory Brainstorming & Idea Generation Benchmark Community & Network

FEV offers a wide range of advanced test facilities and brings the required knowhow to run highly specialized tests

Why FEV?
Benchmarking Test Facilities

Global Benchmark Centers: Detroit, Aachen, Beijing, Pune

Deep technical assessment of latest technologies

FEV benchmark and technical centers are equiped with a wide range of test facilities and teardown workshops. The performance of new vehicles and systems which come into the market is measured and analyzed on multiple aspects like efficiency, operating behavior, acoustics and other specific functions. Teardown and cost studies show details on the product design and cost structure. During workshops with our customers, we identify new design and cost reduction ideas and look for new product opportunities.

FEV powertrain benchmarking

With more than 25 years of experience

FEV has a long history and deep knowhow within powertrain benchmarking. Starting from conventional powertrain testing on combustion engines and transmissions, FEV established development and benchmarking capabilities on electrified drivetrains and fuel cell systems. A wide range of HV batteries, electric drive units, powerelectronics and fuel cells has been analyzed. The deep technical results of our benchmark studies help FEV and its clients to develop cutting edge future powertrain solutions.


High Voltage Battery Benchmarking by FEV

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Take a look at our online seminar records and "Tech-Nuggets"

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